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What if every single one of us had a little creature - let’s call it a cute digital clone - here to do all your chores? Wouldn’t that be awesome?
Well, unfortunately, that’s not (yet) possible.

What is possible though is to create your unique avatar, choose a mood, film 8 seconds of your unique life and share it with your amazing friends! This is Kouji and it’s a new way to communicate with your friends or create awesome content for your precious Instagram profile.

My main task was to manage the customization of the avatar from scratch.
I enjoyed to work on this subject, mainly because it's really interesting to work with artists and understand what they want.
The challenge was huge, I had few time and big constraints: the application must be as lightweight as possible, but the possibilities must remains unlimited and we also need the will to add content without updating the application from the store.

The most interesting part for me was to show creative techniques to make this possible. I learned a lot, mostly about shaders and rendering.
In parallel, I did a Unity tool allowing artists to easily integrate customization content.